Received anonymously by activists in Sweden:
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On the night to September 27, a group of ALF-activists in Stockholm, Sweden, made a hole in the wall to an animal house belonging to Karolinska Institutets vivisection laboratory and rescued all animals in there, a total of 17 ferrets. We chose the wall since the windows and doors were alarmed and there was also cameras in place and the building was behind a fence we had to cut to get access.

All the ferrets have now been placed in new, loving caring homes where they will never be the subject of pain and death. The ferrets were kept in a building where Giorgio Innocenti, a vivisector that was forced out of Switzerland does his experiments where a piece of the brain is sucked
out of them and they are heavily braindamaged. He was also trying to get permission to use kittens, but was forced to abondon the plans thanks to the animal rights movement.

None of the ferrets taken had yet undergone torture in the lab, but there was
already plans for them to be used.

After we had rescued all the ferrets we took all research papers, address books and information and will use it in future campaigning against vivisection. Also, slogans such as "We are free", "DBF - we always win!" and "Stop animal experiments" were sprayed.

So many people in the animal rights movement say lab raids and raids on fur farms are impossible these days. Let this be the living example on that they are not. All that is needed is a small group of compassionate people and the will to save the animals. Just have some imagaination and spend some time doing the research and animal liberation will become their reality.

Unseen they suffer
Unheard they cry
In agony they linger
In loneliness they die

We cant see them all or hear them all, but they are always with us in our hearts. At least 17 ferrets will never be tortured and die in loneliness.

Love and respect,

The Swedish ALF