Received anonymously by the DBF-SG:

"An autumn night 2001 the ALF placed incendiary devices at Svenljunga Mink AB, a feed producer owned by a large number of fur farmers. Three lorries and a car was destroyed and in a communique after it the activists declared war on the fur trade.

Svenljunga Mink AV lost money because of the action but continue to produce food for the countrys fur farms. That is why we choosed to hit them even harder than the activists did in 2001.

On the night to september 29th we placed several timed incendiary devices in the area, on the lorries and on the office of the factory.

Every year 1,3 million fur animals are killed in Sweden and this action is a reaction on their cruelty to the animals. On october 1st an investigation is to be proposed by the government if it is possible to ban fur farming in Sweden and we hope, for the farmers sake, that the ban goes through, otherwise they havent seen us for the last time.

This action is dedicated to Dave Blenkinsop that serves a 10 year long prison sentence for his involvement for the animals. Don't lose your hope. You're a huge inspiration to us all.

/Djurens Befrielsefront (Swedish ALF)."