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Compiled by local activists:


10 - San Polo D'enza - Morini farm owner's car
torched with the use of gasoline and 2 camping gas
cans. The explosions woke up Giovanna Soprani in the
night, and she found her old and precious car burning.
they tried to say on the media it was an accidental
fire, but a communiqué claimed the action stating also
that a hole had been done on the farm fence, a hole
that activists saw and photographed on a demo some
days later.

22 - Montecchio (Reggio Emilia) - Morini accountants
get a visit: paintbombs thrown, locks glued and glass
all over their parking lot.

27 - Parma - Arco Spedizioni, transport company
delivering Morini food to labs, gets paintbombed and
locks glued. A spraypainted slogan read: killers!


2 - Parma - Arco Spedizioni visited again with paint
and locks at their gates.

16 - Cesenatico - A Marine research center using
Morini rats for vivisection gets 3 gates locked and
spraypainted slogans as "Murderers" "Dump Morini" etc.

27 - Parma - Arco Spedizioni visited for the third
time in a month with more paint and locks.