Received anonymously by activists in NZ:

"Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front in Sticky Situations in Wellington

The ALF and ELF Targeted two fur stores and Live Lobster Restaurant on Sunday 21st September by gluing their locks. Fur shops A Modo Mio and Mask have both been asked several times to remove their fur but the ALF has been called to action after failed talks.

The Century Restaurant in Tory Street has also been the target of the joint venture because of the live lobster case displayed in the front window and the media they have been involved with promoting live lobster restaurants. All the above stores have had their locks glued.

A warning to other ALF activists in Wellington, Mask has installed two video cameras facing the outside of the stores and a device to prevent locks being glued. Wear a balaclava and have a smashing time.

The ELF participation in this night for the earth and the animals involved slashing a tires at Tory St car sales yard slashing tires of gas guzzling yuppie SUV's, and the ELF promise more of this in the future."