received the following anonymous report:

“Last Wednesday (10th Sept), a group of ALF activists paid a visit to a senior sales rep for animal abuse company Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers. Having kindly parked his car outside his house for us, we could not resist touching up its polished finish with some paintstripper and spraying "Puppy Killer" and "HLS" on it.

We are incensed that Asahi Glass continue to torture animals at Huntingdon Life Sciences. We are just as angry that Asahi Glass and other Japanese customers of HLS are attempting to suppress those who are attempting to expose this sick business by trying to have all forms of protest banned.

This means that we will become the last line of defense for the animals inside HLS. However, we will not be dissuade or discouraged as long as animals continue to suffer. Let the message to Asahi Glass and all customers of HLS be very clear - we will be back, and there is no stopping us.

Animal Liberation Front”