Reported by local activists:

"Today around 120 people went to Yamanouchi Meppel (Netherlands) to show their disgust about Yamanouchi’s dirty money spent on animal testing in HLS. Four people blocked the gate with lock-ons and other activists showed their disgust to the employees. This was a loud, noisy demo and ensured that activists throughout Europe know where to find this disgusting company responsible for the murder of many thousands of animals at HLS.

After the Yamanouchi action the activists went to
a mink farm in Putten and entered the farm on the back by kicking the fence. Some activists entered the sheds and released between 100 and 200 minks. Others destroyed 50 mink farm cages and smashed up cameras, windows of the vehicles and the house. The mink farmer was called all the names under the sun and some bricks were thrown by individuals. The damage to the farm will be a couple of thousand euros and shows the strong fur farm community in Putten as well as companies like Yamanouchi that everything can happen, day and night."