Sent anonymously to DBF SG:

In the end of august, the mink farmer in Ramsdala, Sweden, had a visit by DBF, The Swedish ALF.

Unfortunately we could not get to the mink this time so we chosed to redecorate the house and the door of the house with paint as well as the fontain bought with blood money in their garden.

We would urge other activists to start using the same method. Many mink farms unfortunetaly has to good security for us to get access to the minks these days but do remember that the house of the fur farmers often has no security at all. It is a very quick job to cover a house in paint, spray slogans, glue locks on the houses and car, slash tires, use glass etching fluid on their windows. So no more excuses. Get out there and get the job done.

We send our solidarity to our sisters and brothers fighting the fur industry in Norway, Finland, Holland, Spain, US and many other countries... Every succesful raid or action against the fur industry is an inspiration to us. Keep up the good work!

Always for the animals,