reported anonymously:

"In a series of five raids, foie gras sellers in the North of Yorkshire were blitzed...

In the early hours of a recent morning, ALF activists visited the specialist importers and distributors of the sick 'delicacy' foie gras. The two cars in the driveway were paintstrippered, and then new spray paint was applied and all the tyres slashed.

To support and promote such appalling acts of violence and terrorism against animals, will always provoke a response from people who want to see an end to this disgusting trade.

Along with the grotesquely force fed fatgoose, with the 'naturally' diseased liver, the family butchers C & G Starkey received a well overdue visit. This establishment brags about how it can supply all manner of exotic meats to liven up any dinner table. There is nothing like dishing up suffering and abuse to bring joy to a table. On the menu at C & G's is foie gras and wild boar flesh, along with whatever your heart could possibly desire in the exploitation of animals. This place received a re-decoration and the locks and shutters and doors had superglue applied. They deserved more, much more.

Onto the Fig and Fennel in Wetherby, and this delicatessen, sitting in the middle of town, might have thought it would be free from retribution over its support for the sick foie gras trade. But no, spray paint was applied and again locks were glued. The profits from your delicacy of despair are being wiped out.

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey received a visit, car tyres were slashed and the hotel signs painted. I don't think your customers will appreciate your support for foie gras. Either that, or they rejoice in the abuse of animals. I don't think they were rejoicing on the morning we paid a visit.

The Rudding Park complex home of the Clocktower restaurant also took a hit. The heavy presence of security cameras protecting this hotel situated just outside Harrogate, left only one option... the golf course. Activists hit the golf course with garden forks and proceeded to dig up the greens. And such nice greens they WERE too. Spray paint was also applied to the putting surface, and then the signs outside were given a fresh paint job.

These actions were dedicated to the end of industrialised farming, we'll be there, as you continue down the route of self destruction, every step of the way.