anonymous communique:

"A bmw auto and an S.U.V. owned by Paul Moravek of 1613 Tyler Drive in Fullerton California will be needing new paint jobs after tonight, the night of Sunday Sept 23 2007. Paul will also notice his driveway flowing blood red, with the pristine white cement thoroughly stained.

Paul Moravek is V.P. of Moravek Biochemicals, a company in the practice of producing and selling hazardous and radioactive substances. As if this isn't moral violation enough, Moravek INC. is in the habit of supplying their toxic and deadly wares to H.L.S. where they are used to induce untold pain and disease upon hundreds of animals on a daily basis. H.L.S. conducts fraudulent science and tortures and murders without conscience.

For your support of H.L.S. Moravek, you were rewarded with a visit from the animal liberation front. Next time you cash an H.L.S. check remember that your gated neighborhood isn't very secure. Remember that we stood in your driveway and watched the flickering blue light from your t.v. Remember that we are capable of doing so much more. Tonight we used restraint that we are not convinced you deserve. Drop H.L.S. or there will be a next time.