Update: On September 17, Luc Hansen and John Seil released the following statement:
"Today we have resigned as directors of Anchor Sub Funding, we have cancelled the company's registered office and we have stopped any services to Anchor Sub Funding. These decisions are in the process of being filed with the Registre de Commerce (Company House)."

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Received anonymously:

"In the night of 7 on 8 September John Seil and Luc Hansen of BDO Luxembourg/Anchor Sub Funding got a visit by the Animal Rights Militia. At the house of John Seil [...] we left incendiary devices underneath the expensive car outside his house.

At the house of Luc Hansen [...] we spray painted the big white wall at his house with 'Luc Hansen est un pédophile' (Luc Hansen is a pedophile) so it was visible for the whole street. For the rest we left slogans on his house like 'Stop with HLS or die', 'Drop HLS or ELSE...'. And to finish off the job we set fire to his garden with incendiary devices.

We have sent personal letters to both John and Luc with our demands that they should stop any business with HLS, stop giving loans to HLS/LSR, withdraw any future loans and leave HLS in their current debt.

In the letters we left some special notes for them why it would be wise to stop supporting HLS. For at least 3 years or more they have been able to hide their filthy business. This means they are at least responsible for the death of 210,000 animals, if not more! What they did to the animals will come back at them. We are not going to hold back, we are ready to take on the fight for all the animals that have suffered and will die in the future.

The letters contained some serious threats to some of their close relatives/colleagues, which go much further then just setting fire to a car or spraypaint. Luc Hansen and John Seil know what to do and if they don't we will return very soon.

Animal Rights Militia"