anonymous communique:

"120 hens have been successfully removed from a “free range” farm in the East of England. Activists worked throughout the night to break into the facility where thousands of birds are housed, collecting the birds together and transporting them to new and loving homes.

While “free range” is a step in the right direction compared to battery and barn egg farming, it is far from ethical and far from humane. After a short 18 months these beautiful hens would’ve been thrown into transport lorries and strapped into the unforgiving hold of the slaughterhouse conveyor belt, where they would have their necks slit before being made into “food”. Most free range farms are owned by the same companies who also run battery and barn facilities, and think butchering animals is fine as long as it makes a profit.

Animals don’t want bigger cages, a longer chain or more artificial ‘enrichment’. They want freedom, and until then… we will not be giving up.

Animal Liberation Front"