received anonymously:

"13th September

Activists went to an intensive halibut farm near Oban, on the west coast of
Scotland. All the pens were destroyed & sunk, & we saw hundreds, if not
thousands of fish swimming free towards the sea.

Sacks of fish feed were thrown unopened into the sea, as was other equipment lying around.

Having finished liberating the fish we boarded the farm's ship, smashed everything we could, including the controls, the radar, the GPS system, & all the keys, finishing by emptying a fire extinguisher inside the cabin & shutting the door.

Finally, we broke into an on-site portakabin, destroying all the clothing & paperwork inside, as well as destroying a computer & a mobile phone with an axe. We then repeated the fire-extinguisher trick, this time with two. A massive on-sight crane was also disabled.

As we fled into the night we left a spraypainted 'A.L.F' on the wall."