anonymous communique:

"From Dawn 'til Dusk

A trip to Jays farm near Haslemere involved a group of activists committing a daylight raid on the Wild Boar farm.
Once at the location it was clear that some of the fencing had still not been repaired from a previous visit. Instead around one pen three lines of electric fencing had been put in place. These were soon cut to leave a passage out for the boar. Though it was not evident that there were any boar trapped in this enclosure or the one adjacent.

Crossing the path, and going past the empty feed box (which still had ALF spray painted on it) there were a few boar seen in the two pens ahead, fencing was cut, repairs dismantled and then the electric fencing seen too. Chopped apples were placed around the area.

In nearby woodland a large trap was placed out of commission and moved elsewhere, hopefully not to be seen again.

Direct action saves the lives of animals from the grim certainty of the slaughterhouse."