Received anonymously by above ground activists:

"Under a blanket of thick fog in the early hours of October 24th, 2003, several members of the Animal Liberation Front walked onto the Yarra Glen racetrack (Victoria, Australia). Two hurdle races and a steeple chase horse race were scheduled for the following Sunday.

A hurdle jumps racing horse is on average 8 times more likely to die from racing related causes during a season, than a horse involved in flat racing. A horse involved in steeple chase racing is 18 times more likely to die.

The ALF activists dismantled the starting barrier, removing about 20 heavy steel gates and spiriting them away, along with all the nuts and bolts. The starters platform was smashed. Cables, springs and hinges were cut or damaged. The judges box overlooking the racetrack was covered in anti jump race slogans and an ALF claim of responsibility. A large steeplechase fence was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire.

ALF Australia."

(A newspaper clipping that arrived with the communique reported that the Judges box was badly damaged and the fence was completely destroyed).