Received anonymously by the campaign to close down Morini farm.

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Arco Spedizioni, the firm delivering Morini food to labs:

"2 arrows for Arco Spedizioni

In the night between 25 and 26 of october we shooted two arrows against Arco headquarters in Monza, breaking the windows and delivering the following message:

The animals can't wait anymore/ Morini must close
down/Arco you are in our list.

We want the directors of Arco and all the Morini collaborators to understand that we are no more waiting for the closure of Morini. We are determined to fight by any means necessary. Morini must close and animals, humans and our mother earth liberated"

In the same day another communique arrived anonymously to the campaign to close down Morini farm::

"in these nights we used rocks to smash windows at
Arco offices in Ravenna. Morini must close!"