report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

"Open rescue XLV (October 2018) & In Memory Lola Veg

We saved 48 hens from suffering, crying and waiting for death. We saved them from a place made for trader’s profit that politicians protect and consumers pay for. We did not ask any of them. Why should we???

We've climbed the fence, opened the door and took the hens out of that place.

Now they are in new homes with people who make the world a better place for them. Now they can spread their wings and run free. They have sun instead of artificial light. Fresh air instead of a fan. Weaker ones can hide from the stronger ones.

It is not normal that animals are kept in such conditions and for such purposes. It is normal that we do not leave them there.

In Memory of Lola Veg

On August 4, 2018, she decided to end her life. I think it should also be remembered that we did several rescues together few years ago. (MK)"