In the early morning hours of October 19, approximately 17,500 mink were released from cages at four fur farms in northern Spain.

Three of the farms were located near Abegondo (Galicia). The fourth farm was located several hundred miles away in Lubia (Soria).

In Lubia, some of the mink were recaptured, but others have been spotted miles away from the farm.

Charo Carrillo, the owner of a farm in the town of Oza dos Ríos, near Abegondo, told local media that the raid on her farm has ruined 20 years of work breeding mink for fur quality, color and other traits desired by the fur industry.
Another fur farmer, Pancho Vázquez Larumbe, estimated his losses at 300,000 Euros.

Photo: laopinioncoruna.es / Carlos Pardellas

Update: Igualdad Animal has released the results of an investigation into fur farms in Spain: www.PielEsAsesinato.com. The photographs and video document the lives of animals on fur farms, from birth until they are killed and skinned.