reported by activists in the UK:

"22 October 2007
Stratford-Upon-Avon received a visit from caring individuals. We were driving and found a sign reading 'Free range eggs', upon closer investigation we saw this to be a blatant lie and felt it was best to take a closer look, we counted roughly eight large sheds, two storeys tall, only two of which were being used - which left an easy escape for us to run between other sheds and escape!

Taking no time to waste we headed to the last shed in the row, upon realising the place was vacated, we broke off the door from the hinges and stormed in, opening three cages of this so called 'free-range' farm! We rescued chickens and destroyed cages. The piles of eggs ready for sale were smashed to take away some of the profits made from this vile prison.

Eleven hens have now found new homes, we left them a cheeky message (see pic) using their egg boxes.