From the Campaign to Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs:


'A Burton Newspaper has alleged that 'an attack was today linked to animal rights activists.'

The report continued:

'... the house is owned by the Hall family who have been subject to a long-running campaign by protesters because their Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch is used to breed guinea pigs.
Police said today they were investigating the possibility that the attack, which happened less than a mile from Darley Oaks Farm, was the work of activists.

Firefighters spent nearly three hours tackling the blaze in the early hours of Sunday morning after flames were spotted coming from the building by a passing German tourist.

The blaze quickly spread to the rest of the building, which was gutted in the attack.
The attackers also sprawled graffiti along the outer walls of the farm, reading "Halls Quit Now Before You Lose It All".

Since campaigners began protesting about the Hall family's business four years ago there have been several attacks on the homes, cars and property of staff and other people linked to Darley Oaks farm.

A few hours after the attack, 30 protesters from the Save the Newchurch Guinea Pig Campaign - converged on the farm on for another of its weekly Sunday protests'!