reported by activists in Italy:

"17-10-2007 Migliarino (Pisa)
A pheasant farm was raided during the night by a group of people who left behind graffiti on a wall warning, 'close the farm or we'll be back'. The nets and fences of 6 pens containing 10.000 pheasants were completely trashed and more than half of the animals escaped. Added to this, and putting the owner in tears doubting if he can go on with the job, water pumps, light cables, buildings and tractors were damaged and a new car dosed with paintstripper. The owner said the work had been done by many well-organized people. This farm was heavily damaged by a huge snowfall in 2005 and was just recovering. This could be the final nail for them, the owner Vito Cornacchia said. He said it is not only the damages, estimated at more than 100.000 euros, but also the idea that there are people who hate him and are able to do this kind of damage; that makes him think twice about going on or not...."