Received anonymously by aboveground activists in Italy:

"On friday night october 10 the Animal Liberation front entered a mink farm in Jolanda di Savoia, Ferrara (Italy), and opened the cages to free almost 18.000 minks!

The farmer says 7.000 minks are still running free, while 400 have been killed by cars passing on a nearby road.

On a wall a spraypainted message was left reading "Free at last, ALF".

The farmer says damages are estimated at several hundreds of thousands euros. Not only the cages have been opened but also the fences have been completely ripped and other damages done.

This is the 8th mink liberation in 2 years in Italy, the latest one has been on september 1, when 3.500 minks had been liberated from a farm in Udine and tons of newly bought feed ruined."