received anonymously:

"June 9; McAllen, TX: 3 locks glued on backhoe digging a canal.
June 16; McAllen, TX: Dirt poured in fuel and air intake of 1 piece of equipment.
June 17; Edinburg, TX: At construction site of subdivision, survey stakes pulled, FOR SALE signs removed, roofing nails scattered on street.
June 30; Edinburg, TX: Roofing nails scatters on street at subdivision construction site.
July, McAllen, TX: 1 tree spiked.
July 12; Edinburg, TX: Rubber snake studded with nails left on the side of a country road, waiting for a cruel motorist.
July 18; McAllen, TX: Electric meter on a bank billboard smashed.
July 19; McAllen, TX: Dirt and grass put in air intake of 2 pieces of equipment.
July 20; Edinburg, TX: Sand poured in diesel/oil of truck and six pieces of equipment.
July 26; Mercedes, TX: At an experimental GM cotton crop, all 40-50 signs labelling different varieties were removed, making differentiation difficult to impossible.
July 27; Mission, TX: Dirt poured in diesel/oil of 4 pieces of equipment.
August 1; McAllen, TX: 3 pieces of equipment working on a canal had dirt poured in their fuel tanks.
August 1; Edinburg, TX: 1 truck, 3 pieces of equipment had dirt poured in their deisel and 1 piece had dirt put in its air intake.
September 19; Edinburg, TX: 1 piece of equipment has dirt put in diesel.
September 28; McAllen, TX: Sand poured in diesel of 1 piece of equipment.