received anonymously:

"Once again NFU stormtroopers are out in the fields killing the UKs
badgers. The pheasant and partridge shooting industry is the real reason
badgers are being slaughtered.

The ALF have decided to open a Second Front to stop the badger cull. Any
shoot that is involved in the killing of our badger friends will now be

First up is Forthampton Shoot and it's inbred owner John Sarne Yorke.
Forthampton is supposed to be one of the premier shoots in the country.
Yorke tried to bribe the police a few years ago and it turns out in
response they sent plain clothes armed officers to protect a shoot day
when the website 'GunsOnPegs' were doing a promo film. Nice and cheap
private security for the toffs.

Shame Forthampton's security is so poor. All it took was for them to be
contacted by 'Bill from Microsoft' and within no time at all they had
downloaded the 'bug fix', given us their passwords and were asking for
tips on how to use word!

We are now able to download contact and bank account details of suppliers
and clients and even scans of shotgun licences.

Some of these files show deliberate attempts to avoid paying VAT (sales
tax). We are building a dossier of the various illegal schemes old John
'No Tax' Yorke has used and will be passing it to Inland Revenue.

Thanks to John Yorke we now know all of Forthampton blood junkie clients
and a lot of other intelligence about shooting in the local area. This
will make our campaign against other shooting estates much easier. Thanks

Our first leaks can be seen using Tor Browser here:
http://doxbinzqkeoso6sl.onion/doxviewer.php?dox=Forthampton1 it is best to
use Tor but if you don't use Tor then you can view the leaks via this
proxy :

We have released the details of the shooters, Brian and Radovan
Sarafilovic, who were the first to use Forthampton after it became known
the estate was involved in the badger cull.

we have also included a special piece about Fie Foghsgaard and her clients
( Fie is another tax dodger who arranges shoots for bankers
in the UK and abroad including at Forthampton. Strangely her company
accounts show very little of the money she receives for arranging days for
her clients to satisfy their cravings to kill animals. A dossier on her
fraud will again be sent to Inland Revenue.

The ALF will make it our business to target any shoots involved in the
badger cull. Remember every shooting day they lose can cost them £7500
-£10000 in lost revenue."