Received anonymously by the Swedish SG:

June 6: The guinea pig "Gata" is liberated from a horrible pet shop in Hudiksvall.

August 25: 5 rabbits is liberated from a small meat rabbit farm between Umeå and Skellefteå.

August 29: We made another visist to the disgusting vivisector Torgny at Villavägen 9 in Umeå. We sprayed
his white walls with slogans such as "Murderer - we see you" and "DBF". -DBF

September 9: We made a visit to ingrid Strömberg at Sjöjungfruvägen and repainted her house with slogans
such as "We know where you live". Also vivisector Ola Winsö had slogans painted. - DBF

October 12: the Swedish hunting association in Umeå had slogans such as "The elks are sabotaging!"
and "the animals had enough!" and a windows is smashed and a few traps destroyed.- DBF