recent actions reported on djurens

"Oct 7th - Stockholm. Nothing can ever stop the DBF's determination to wipe out the fur shops in Stockholm. The fur shop Lindskog has hired security and installed alarm systems but that didn't stop activists from emptying a spray can on the newly painted facade. The struggle continues! - DBF

Oct 7th - Stockholm. All windows on fur shop Körsnär Agneta Strömgren were destroyed with glass etching fluid. - DBF

Oct 4th - Stockholm. Several litres of tar was poured outside the entrance of fur shop Tapperson Pälsateljé on Vikingagatan after that activists had sprayed the store front. - DBF

Oct 4th - Stockholm. Körsnär Lundmark outside Stockholm town was covered in a black stinking mess and the area was filled with anti-fur slogans. - DBF

Oct 2nd - Stockholm. A lone activist was almost caught by security guards while spraypainting the fur shop Lindskog, but escaped without problems.

Sep 24th - Stockholm. As explained in a claim earlier in the month DBF revisited the fur shop Polar Päls & Skinnindustri to etch all of the armoured glass windows that were not broken during the last action. - DBF

Sep 20th - Göteborg. Cirkus signs torn down in Gothenburg. - the Army of the Monkeys

Sep 19th - Stockholm. Furshop Körsnär L Lundmark AB was etched. - DBF

Sep 11th - Stockholm. Ten litres of red paint was poured all over the store front and entrance of a downtown fur shop. It is now nearly impossible to tell the fur shop apart from the paint shop next to it. - DBF

Sep 10th - Stockholm. After earlier visits from the DBF all windows at the fur shop Körsnär Lindskog had been covered with big wooden boards. The DBF felt sorry for the employees that had to work in the dark and with the help of a big sledge hammer they busted through the boards and windows behind the boards to let the light in once again. All 16 windows was attacked together with their door bell and intercom system. No gratitude from the shop owners is expected, but the minks gratitude will be enough. - DBF

Sep 9th - Stockholm. Furshop Elsons Pälsateljé was glued and painted with slogans. - DBF"