Received anonymously by aboveground activists:

"We happened to stumble across a few credit card numbers of some of our favorite employees at HLS customer, Chiron, and thought we would send them a few gifts - at their expense.

We can understand that after all the excitement surrounding recent events, Chiron Board of Director, Edward E. Penhoet, PhD, Chief Program Officer (688 Alvarado Rd., Berkeley CA, 94705) and Martin J. Forrest, Chiron Vice President (763 Chenery St., San Francisco, CA 94131) might need a little time, and a few new toys, to relax.

So we set out to help them. With their credit cards we bought them 4 front row tickets to both Celine Dion in Las Vegas and Kiss & Aerosmith concerts. Not to mention a whole lot of computer equipment, camera equipment and general household appliances. We knew that they would be anxious to receive all of their new toys, so we made sure to overnight everything to them and their wives at home.

We were having so much fun that we were awfully disappointed to have reached our, rather your, spending limits on both cards. We had spent almost $25,000! But thankfully, we have other Chiron employee credit card numbers that we will have fun with later.

Ed and Marty - you both hold the power - sever your ties with Huntingdon forever, and we leave you alone. It doesn't get any easier."