Castel di Sangro

anonymous communique (click here to view additional photos):

"On the night of the 15th of September 2009 we decided to launch an autumn/winter 'fashion collection' which leads to freedom, the only one we appreciate.
We entered inside the mink farm called Valle Salice, located in Castel di Sangro, on the highway 652, under the viaduct II/Valle Salice.
At first we cut a large part of the fence and then we opened the worn cages situated in the four sheds of the farm containing 2000 minks (not only 130 as reported by the media). All these living beings are tortured waiting to become another consumer good.
Our untameable desire for freedom is what drove us. This action represents for us the destruction of an anthropocentric and speciesist point of view, which considers other animals as objects to be exploited and not like
beautiful individuals.
At last we damaged tools, machinery and feed located in a small warehouse.

The only 'fashion show' we like to see is thousands of mink running away and searching for a trickle of water and a chance to get back what humans stole from them, the humans who deported them to breed here, condemning their whole existence, and surely not those who opened the cages!

The only way to support the ALF is being the ALF.
Opening the cages is the only right way to free the animals.

Other animals in captivity"