anonymous communique (images from BBC):

"Over the last few years the Westmoreland Country Agricultural
Showground (Lane Farm, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria; Tel 01539
567804; Fax 01539 567011; Web in
England has played host to a variety of animal circues and other
shows celebrating animal abuse. Last Thursday we decided to pay
them a visit and give them some long overdue payback.

Their logo-emblazoned Landrover was treated to a can of
paintstripper and all it's tires slashed. Next to it we discovered
a series of mobile billboards which we had great fun daubing in
various slogans against animal circuses and meat eating, and more
tireslashing. Other buildings nearby got a similar treatment and
various of their windows were put through.

While the spokeswoman of the show seemed confused as to why they
had been struck, let us make it very clear that, as in the news
footage, any venue hosting animal circuses is a legitimate target
of the Animal Liberation Front. While the Government is of the
opinion that animals in circues are fine, we are not, and we are
perpared to take action on their behalf. What happened to
Westmorland Agricultural Show is just a taster of what will be
coming against anyone else prepared to host an animal circus.

Animal Liberation Front"