anonymous report:

"On a dark night in November activists paid a visit to an agricultural college in the south. This college is a place where they teach future farmers how to exploit animals in the most efficient and profitable way. We were horrified as we passed numerous animals incarcerated in dingy sheds living in their own waste. Sadly we weren’t there for them (this time) and made our way to the pig unit. This wasn’t hard to find since the pig’s screams could be heard from miles away. Here this so-called educational college is teaching so-called ‘people’ (we use the term loosely here) how to run a fully functional pig farm, including the use of the notorious farrowing crates where mothers are caged in a space so small they can’t move or turn. Well here’s a lesson to you sicko animal abusing farmers, maybe you should lock your sheds or even keep an eye on your animals for once, because it wasn’t hard to get into your intensive breeding unit and successfully take with us 2 baby pigs. These were already weaned from their mothers so will now be happy and healthy living somewhere suitable to their needs, not in a concrete pen waiting to die at the hands of you callous monsters.

Needless to say we’ll be back. We’ve got our eyes on you.