communique received anonymously:

"On a recent evening on a dark dark night. A visit to Peter Gotts Boar farm was arranged. Down on the farm there were three vans awaiting attention, these vehicles were spray painted with slogans and had all their tyres slashed. A nearby trailer had it's tyres slashed, and a nearby 4x4 had its locks glued and tyres slashed. Another nearby car had its tyres slashed. Further trailers in a field and a horse box had all their tyres slashed and were painted with slogans.

This action is dedicated to the living creatures forced to exist incarcerated behind electric fences. Wild Boar are destined to be bred and slaughtered for profit. This is no life for ANY animal.

Further to this, it is beyond comprehension that the local council deem it fit to licence a boar farm situated right next to the M6 motorway. There is a history of wild boar escapes without the assistance of activists.

Actions against the breeders of wild boar and the supply chain will continue until this farming practice has ended.

Boar Liberation Front"

In a previous attack, thousands of pounds of fencing was damaged.
Owner Peter Gott told the BBC: "We had 21 wild boar farmers seven years ago and now we're down to about 4 in the country - so maybe they're winning."