anonymously received by Action For Animals:

"November 11th 2003
Three loud bangs heralded the end of plate glass doors and windows at a fur and leather shop in Toorak Road, Melbourne

November 13th 2003
A transportable rodeo arena, chutes and holding pens had been set up in a sports ground at Rokewood, Victoria, prior to a rodeo scheduled for Saturday

November 15th 2003

ALF activists removed metal pins joining sections of the arena fence holding yards and marshalling areas. Spare pins, and buckets full of tools were also taken. Chains used to secure gates were cut off. The steer wrestling chute was rendered inoperable by dismantling and removing various steel components of the chute and gate. The bull and horse chutes proved to be a solid challenge to the monkey wrenchers. The interconnecting gates were rolled out and bent until there was a loud snap, hopefuly distorting the tracks for the rollers.

Australian Animal Liberation Front"