anonymous communique:

"22nd September 2007

In support of World Day for Incarcerated Animals (22nd September), activists paid a Southeastern battery egg farm a friendly visit. While animals remain behind bars across the globe, several volunteers made a decision to remove them from their prisons once and for all.

Throughout the night they removed hundreds of birds from their cramped, filthy cages. Under the stars the volunteers worked to ship the poor hens to freedom, across the surrounding fields never to be seen again by sick perverts who think making a quick buck is more valuable than life.

Once the hens were successfully removed from the site, activists got to work on what remained. Hundreds of cage doors were ripped from cages, bent, cut and thrown into the pit below, allowing the remaining birds to at least escape the confinement of their cramped cages. Every egg in sight was smashed, conveyor belts were ripped off and bags of grit were poured out onto the floor. Parts of cages were cut and bent out of use. Machinery was damaged and the small office compartment was “redecorated” with a fire extinguisher and spray paint. Switches and monitoring equipment were sprayed so they cannot be used. Although something tells us the farmer may guess we’ve been, the messages “SCUM”, “ANIMAL LIBERATION”, and “CRUEL SICKO” were left just in case he didn’t get it through is thick animal abusing skull.

Not only has he lost an entire unit worth of eggs along with 310 of “his” chickens, the unit will be in severe disrepair and out of use for some time. If he thought he’d be able to trade the next day using the eggs from his other battery units – he’d better think again! Both delivery vans had their tyres slashed, locks glued and received a nice new paint job. His little tractor looked a bit left out too, so we cut the valves off his expensive tyres and vanished into the night with the sound of all his tyres (and his profits) deflating behind us.

Until EVERY cage is empty.
--- ALF"