reported by activists in Russia:

"25th October - more than 5 'Russian Furs' company fur exposition ads were removed from the streets of Saint-Petersburg.

19th October - spray painted slogans 'Fur is murder!', 'Leave fur for animals!' and others appeared on the central fur shop of the Izhevsk city. The activists also threw paint bombs at the sign and the door of the shop. Some similar inscriptions were made on the buildings in that district of the city.

4th October - spray painted slogans and stencils such as 'Fur is murder!', 'Stop the slaughter!', 'Go vegan!', 'Meat is cruel!' and others appeared on the walls of several fur shops and butchers in Petrozavodsk and also on the walls of buildings in the center of the city.

3th October - a tractor and an excavator were burnt down at the site area of the heat trace in Butovo district, Moscow. The Earth Liberation Front claimed the responsibility for the action. The communique tells that hundreds of trees are to be hacked out for the construction."