received anonymously (to view video from the action, visit:

"31st October 2007
In true Halloween spirit, we decided to visit a notoriously bad battery farm in the Somerset area and give the scumbag farmer a few treats… ALF style!

Getting into the place wasn’t hard. We climbed up through the shit pit below and hoisted our equipment into place. Within 2.5 hours we had removed 210 battery hens from their cages, bagged them up, shipped them from the unit and loaded them into their getaway vehicle and on to new lives.

This farm can only be described as HELL… infested with flies, almost 5ft of waste, hens going mad in their cages, ammonia saturated air, live mice stuck to glue traps dying in agony.

This cruel system has to end, and it won’t be going until WE put a stop to it.
You know what to do, go save some lives!"