As reported by the Swedish SG:

In less than a week after the Swedish ALF (DBF) attacked over 30 fur shops in 6 different towns destroying at least 80 fur shop windows with glass etching fluid, the ALF hit again.

This time in Tranas, a major town involved in the fur industry. On the night to November 15, 4 fur shops got 56 windows destroyed by glass etching fluid. Palsbruno (fur department store) had 44 windows destroyed, Sakis Fur had 6 windows destroyed, Sanfridssons fur had 4 windows destroyed and Ljungs fur lost 2 windows. All shops also had their locks glued.

Also, one day later one window was smashed and slogans sprayed on Sakis fur. And on Palsbruno slogans were sprayed and paint poured."