Received anonymously by aboveground activists in the UK:

"David Spencer of 35 Church Lane, Upper Beeding and Trevor Wellburn of 146 Hillside, Moulscoombe, Brighton were long time Shamrock farm workers. Wellburn's father, who he lives with, worked there before him. Spencer's wife Sarah also worked there. All are violent thugs who regularly threatened protesters. Following the closure of the site all workers were given generous redundancy pay by their former bosses, David spent some of his on a new Shogun with private registration which sits in his driveway bearing his initials DJS.

Our attention was drawn to the movements of these two men following a tip off and we discovered they were both still employed to bring monkeys into the country for experiments. Weekly they were driving ex shamrock vehicles to Paris airport to collect shipments of macaques from Indonesia and the Philippines.To add insult to injury they were storing these vehicles, and others, within a mile of the Shamrock site in a depot in Small Dole. Their new employees are HLS who bought out this established operation in order to secure as many primates as possible for their own use. These specially adapted vehicles were firebombed recently by the ALF causing total destruction. Wellburn's car was attacked in the driveway of his house over the weekend causing extensive damage. But little yet has deterred these two who continue to import for vivisection. Please share this information. These people are not old news and must be stopped."