Received anonymously by aboveground activists in Spain:

"During the first hours of the 5th of November our ALF cell decided to remember our comrade Barry Horne, in the same way as he would like to: by targeting the animals abusers and saving lives. We went to the only chinchillas farm that exists in Spain. It was placed in a basement of a small house under construction. There was a big guard dog encaged in that very dirty place, who soon became our friend.

We got in easily through a window and we started to liberate some of the chinchillas. About twenty of them were liberated in the fields near the farm, we took with us another twenty (we could not find anymore homes for them) and we also liberated one rabbit and the only ferret that was in the farm.

After all, we started to destroy absolutely all the machines and we threw down all the shelves with the cages on it, those which were with no animals tortured inside.

In the end, we sprayed with paint some slogans like "Barry we remember you", and "Begoña (the name of the owner of the farm) murderer".

In the memory of Barry"