received anonymously:

"In the darkness of November 5th, 2009, animal defenders paid visit to River City Meat Company in Kansas City, MO. 5 trucks were covered in black spray paint. The wind shields, every part of the vehicle (body, tires, rims, and mirrors and glass) were blanketed in spray paint reading: 'LIBERATION NOW', 'THE ALF IS WATCHING YOU', 'MEAT IS MURDER', and 'STOP THE SLAUGHTER.' The logo, phone number, and address of the company on the trucks were blacked out in black paint. The locks of every truck were glued, and the remaining super glue was disposed of on the 5 truck's windshields. 5 tires were slashed and ruined. The building displayed a large spray painted eye ball, next to the letters 'ALF', symbolizing the companies newly acquired worst enemy, and how they will be forever watching. A large amount of sugar and flour was poured into two of the truck's gas tanks, ruining the engine. This will serve as an adequate welcome to the new company."