The Chiudere Morini campaign received the following
anonymous communiquè, with a strange three month delay:

"In the night of saturday 19 of july we threw molotovs against delivery company Traini & Torresi in Segrate (Milano) collaborators of torture and death of thousands animals coming from the horrible Morini farm in San Polo d'Enza.

5 Metres of pallets and a roof upon them went on fire. Over there the offices are located... who knows...

We left a message that sounds as a promise for all those that want to deal with msr Soprani: let Morini close. No to vivisection"

NOTE: Two days after this action Traini & Torresi received a protest at their natinal headquarters where the directors came out and gave a statement to no longer work for Morini! This same statement had been faxed to the farmer, msr Soprani.