The following was received by aboveground activists in Holland and also by the DBF SG:


"Chiron director van de Kwaak, Sparrenlaan, Hilversum, 19/10 attacked. Car damaged, slogans painted".


"HLS kills 500 animals a day for farmaceutical companies like Yamanouchi. We left our initials on the house of Sugawara, Bongart 18, Amsterdam, and we threw a liter of buteracid through the mailbox. Sugawara and Yamanouchi, you stink. Leave the animals alone and invest in alternatives in stead of HLS.

The Supporters Group of the DBF also received a second claimletter:

"14/15 october. At Sugawara, Bongart 18, Amsterdam a liter butyric acid has been put through the mailbox which gives a nice smell. He deserved it. At the frontdoor and frontwindow the letters ALF have been written so the whole neigbourhood can see he had visitors over. Sugawara is an employee of
Yamanouchi, a steady customer of the animal testing center HLS. 500 animals die every day in HLS. This has to stop. Yamanouchi is a target of the Shac campaign and we will not rest before HLS is closed. We ask everyone to fight
for the closure of this animal testing center. All Japanese representatives of companies like Santen till Yamanouchi will be targetted by activists worldwide. Smash HLS."


"Night of wednesday 8 october, shared parkinglot and house of Daniel Panduric, Klifrakplantsoen 84 in Utrecht, spraypainted with slogans. Daniel is controller at the company Bayer, who refuse to cut their ties with HLS.

Stop working with HLS, let this be a warning!"