NZ Open Rescue Collective press release (click here for photos):

"New Zealand Battery Hen Open Rescue Dedicated to Barry Horne

November 5th 2006 saw New Zealand's first Open Rescue of 20 battery hens from Turk's Poultry in Foxton. The action was carried out as a result of growing frustration at the lack of Government response despite the huge public outcry against battery cages. New Zealand activists from all over the country took part in the raid which was the first of many Open Rescues and investigations.

November 5th is also the anniversary of the death of Barry Horne, an animal liberation activist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5th 2001. He had been sentenced to 18 years in prison for various criminal attacks against companies involved in vivisection.

In prison he went on hunger strike several times in protest against government support for the vivisection industry, and their broken pre-election promises about animal experiments. The third of these hunger strikes lasted 68 days, and Barry never fully recovered.

His actions generated worldwide publicity, and initiated a huge upsurge in animal liberation activity, the effects of which are still being felt even today.

Over the last six months, NZ Open Rescue has been conducting an investigation into an Auckland, New Zealand battery hen farm. 30 hens have been rescued from their cages during the investigation, which has uncovered typically horrendous conditions.

We dedicate the rescue of the latest six hens from their cages to the memory of Barry Horne. These hens have been placed into a wonderful new home and now have a chance to live a decent life.

"It is always easier to see the reasons why we cannot succeed, always easier to shrug our shoulders and believe the best we can do is try, almost as a token gesture. With no belief in success then success becomes so hard to achieve, almost an impossibility. A bit like Animal Liberation really, an impossible concept. We know it's not though, or else what are we fighting for? We should never be afraid to succeed or believe we can succeed. And we should never be afraid to reach for the stars if that's what it takes". Barry Horne, 1952 - 2001

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