Received anonymously by aboveground US activists:
NOTE: Mellon 2 days later cut their ties with HLS

"12am, Monday 11/3/03: as the week of action in memory of Barry Horne began we ravaged the home of G. W. of Mellon Investment Services, a company who helps to provide investment services to Huntingdon Life Sciences and Skip of Legacy Trading. G. who lives on **** in New Hyde Park, Long Island had his car windows smashed, paint strewn about his home and cars, and slogans in spray paint that read "Stop Trading LSRI!", "A.L.F!", and "Welcome to the Campaign!" This action was just a warning to Mellon, and they should expect repeated escalating attacks if they continue moving LSRI (Huntingdon) shares.

Let this be a message to the few companies that can provide HLS with a similar investor service, if you dare to replace Mellon after we knock them out, you will face far worse than what we will dish out on Mellon. We have compiled lists of your offices and employees and are ready to move on you as well.

The struggles for peace for humans, non-human animals, and the earth should be a part of our daily routine regardless of any preset week of memory or action. Barry always included the plight of the animals in his days alive, we should be so brave.