SHAC received the following report:

"In the night 24-25 May we have carried out an action at the managing director of Sumitomo Chemicals Deutschland GmbH Hisao Konishi.

We have glued the lock of the front door and the lock of his letter box and the lock of his garage for that he sees how to feel when being locked in like the animals inside HLS.

We have filled his letter box with foam used for construction work for that he sees how to feel when you almost can't communicate any more like the animals inside HLS, We sprayed at his white front door "stop HLS" for that he knows what we demand for the sake of the animals inside HLS.

Sumitomo has no clean slate, they are customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences and let them do experiments on animals and probably do animal experiments in own labs as well.

Experiments on animals have eventually to be abolished and HLS has to be closed. Japanese companies like Sumitomo are doing a big part of the cruel experiments on animals at HLS.
As long as Sumitomo balks at severing ties with HLS we will target them. TBF"