News taken from "The Western Morning News" (May 27th 2003):


Fishermen have lashed out at a lack of security at Plymouth's Sutton Harbour after five boats were vandalised and thousands of pounds worth of fishing equipement thrown into the water.

Boat owners were horrified when they arrived at the mooring near the fish market to find that windows had been smashed on five vessals. Fishing nets and other equipment had been taken from the boats and thrown overboard, some sinking to the harbour floor while the rest floated.

Vandals targetted the boats at about 1.30am on Friday, and Dave Cuthbert, whose boat was among those attacked, said he and his fellow fishermen were disgusted that the vandals were able to walk straight into the harbour. He claimed that the lock on the gate had been broken for a month.

Sutton Harbour Holdings operations director John Humphreys said the incident was captured on security cameras and the tape was being examined by police.

"We take security very seriously here" he said. "Incidents of vandalism like this are, unfortunately, a feature of mondern life and we are constantly reviewing and upgrading our security."