anonymous communique:


This night we placed incendiary devices under 2 expensive cars locked behind the gate of Ulrich Lehner.

We will only give you two warnings Ulrich, the third time that we will pay a visit someone will get hurt.
Make Novartis drop Huntingdon Life Sciences or you wished you would have made that decision earlier.

Further information on this murderer:
Since 2002 he is part of the Board of Directors of Novartis AG Switzerland. He is Vice Chairman and Lead Director as well as Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee. He is also a member of the Chairman’s Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee. The Board has appointed him as Audit Committee Financial Expert. He qualifies as an independent Non-Executive Director.

Prof. Ulrich Lehner
Bergische Landstrasse 283
Dusseldorf, Germany

*Special note*
We are happy to see the increasing attacks on HLS targets around the world by the Militant Forces against Huntingdon Life Sciences, the ALF and other individuals. It is our duty to take down the murdering scum who are responsible for the killing inside HLS.

Let it be clear to any company, investors or any kind or link to HLS that we will track you down and come after you. It has come to a point where we must hit hard, strong and effective, to take down the murderers and make them suffer.
It has come to a point where we must take any necesarry action to make the murderers stop. And if necessary we are prepared to do physical harm.

You can expect the MFAH on your doorstep if YOU have links with HLS.

-Militant Forces against Huntingdon Life Sciences-"