reported by activists in Sweden:

"May 9 - Fur shop targeted for the third time in a month in Stockholm. All the windows were destroyed with etching fluid. The store front was spraypainted and all the signs were smashed with a hammer. - DBF

May 14 - Locks to another fur store in Stockholm were glued and 20 litres of tar was poured down the stairs to the entrance. - DBF

May 18 - 14 rabbits liberated and released from a meatfarm in Knivsta outside of Stockholm.
- Three people are held as suspects for the action after being caught by
police near the farm.

May 22 - A local newspaper reported that 30 hens were liberated from a battery farm in Scania, South of Sweden on May 22. 15 000 eggs were also smashed and slogans and red paint covered the walls and machinery when workers came the morning after.

May 23 - Circus posters torn down in Stockholm. - DBF STHLM"