Received anonymously from activists in NZ:

"a list of recent ALF actions in New Zealand . . .

April 2003 Wellington
Seven animal abuse places were hit with spraypaint including several McDonalds and other fast food outlets, and signs belonging to a battery egg distributor.

April 28th 2003 Wellington
ALF activists slashed tyres on the meat trucks of A. E. Preston Meats.

May 5th 2003 Wellington
ALF activists visited the following animal abuse businesses, supergluing locks and painting slogans. Wellington Zoo, two fish shops, three McDonalds, Cancer society offices , a KFC and A.E Preston Meats

May 2003 Wellington
Activists slash the tires of three meat trucks parked in the "secure" parking area of A E Prestons Meats

21 May 2003 Christchurch
ALF activists superglue the locks of Keith Matheson fashion (fur sellers) and left a message: "This is just a warning. Stop selling fur, or suffer the consequences. The Animal Liberation Front is always watching"

24th May 2003,Auckland
ALF activists redecorated several Auckland KFC buildings. Slogans such as "Chicken Murderers" and "KFC Cruelty" were spray painted across the buildings in prominent positions including drive through's and menu boards. Restaurant's
targeted were located in Panmure, Pakuranga and Balmoral."