received anonymously:

"Maybe Geri Brouwers has been reading the news, or maybe he was told of the visit to his employee earlier in the week. Whichever, when we got to his house, we found that two of his three cars were no longer on his drive, but suspiciously hidden in the garage...
It's nice to know that our reputation preceeds us, but we now had too many petrol bombs! In return we blew up the car that was there (you might as well give up trying to sell it, we don't think it's worth much now) and set fire to the tidy front hedge that blocks your drive from the road. That can serve as a lasting reminder.
Don't think you can escape by hiding you fucking dirt bastard, this ends on our terms!


The Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences

Name> Geri Brouwers
Crime> Schering Plough General Manager Belgium/Luxembourg, Director
Home Address> Grimbergsesteenweg 11, Grimbergen [B]
Home Tel> 022-70-09-88

Date> May-2009"