Received anonymously by the ALF-SG in Sweden:


On the night between 9 and 10 April the vcages were opened for over 1000 minks at Osttorps fur farm in Essunga, Sweden. The farm has over 8000 minks, but only 1000 was at this place were the minks were released.

Around the farm there was a 1,5 meter high metal fence, but the farmer had left lots of material for us to build things for them to climb over the fence.

Animals have the right to live in freedom for their own sake. Fur farming and other buisness with animals and their bodies can not go on. We will do anything so the farmers will collapse economical, and so the minks can feel the ground under their paws at least one time before they die and for some of them to have a chance in freedom.

"Rather die now in freedom, then tomorrow by torture and captivity."

This action was carried out by the DBF (Swedish ALF) in memory of C and B, that knew how it is to change a life in a cage to one in freedom.

- DBF"