received anonymously:

"NAME: Peter Antoon Hugo Guenter
CRIME: Sanofi Aventis Head of Board
Hiding in a dark house with no number? do better than that! We found you and left you with black slogans on your garages, a car on the drive paint-stripped and tyres slashed, and with five liters of weedkiller poured around your tidy looking front garden.

NAME: Nico Roger - Madeleine van Hoecke
CRIME: earning blood money from Schering Plough
LOCATION: Zuidstraat 6, Lokeren
We wonder if you will have spent the morning desperately scrubbing your walls, trying to hide the truth that we painted over your drive, sidewalk and house. What will the neighbors think?

NAME: Greta Beenaerts
CRIME: Bayer Director, Division Manager Consumer Care
LOCATION: Westerhoeven 4, Geel
How do you like the messages we left over your fancy house? Your special lighting system certainly helped to guide us.
Shame neither them or your security camera could protect your car from our paint-stripper and knives. You're just lucky it wasn't worse for you Bayer scum!

You bastards can expect the Militant Forces outside your houses any night until you drop HLS..